High quality wood pellets

Moulin Bois Énergie is located in the heart of the Auvergne forest, in Dunières in Haute-Loire. This subsidiary of the Moulinvest group specializes in the manufacture of wood pellets from wood by-products (sawdust, chips, etc.) from the Moulin sawmill located on the same site: a production method that ensures a minimal carbon footprint. Our 100% softwood pellets contain no binder or glue, they are 100% natural and come from local sustainably managed forests. The wood industry offers economical, practical and efficient heating solutions. The installation of a stove or a boiler with wood pellets can reduce its heating bill, thanks to a renewable and cheap energy that has an excellent energy efficiency: our wood pellets have a calorific value of 5 kWh / Kg.

Pellets for economical and efficient heating

At a time when the cost of fossil fuels is soaring, when the environmental impact of our activities becomes harmful, wood offers a sustainable and convincing alternative to traditional heating systems. The wood pellets Moulin Bois Énergie value the wood waste of the Moulin sawmill, located in the heart of the Auvergne Rhone-Alpes region whose forests benefit from a respectful and responsible management. Sustainable and renewable solution, heating with wood pellets is also economical. You can use a pellet stove as a backup heating or choose a pellet boiler for its central heating. In addition to their remarkable energy efficiency, wood pellets Moulin Bois Énergie come from local forests and therefore do not depend on price fluctuations of other energies.

Wood pellets certified ENplus®.

The wood pellet limits the emission of CO2 and particles in the air. It is also a clean fuel that produces little ash and no odor. To ensure the optimal operation of stoves and boilers, manufacturers require the use of certified pellets, otherwise the manufacturer’s warranty can not apply. The pellets from Moulin Bois Énergie are ENplus® certified; a guarantee of high performance and a very high level of quality. They are available in various forms of packaging: bag, big bag or bulk.

70 000tons of pellet