It is ESSENTIAL to require from its supplier a quality wood pellet, i.e. that it is certified to ensure the proper functioning of stoves and boilers.

A certified pellet brings you a guarantee. This is the reason why most of the boiler or stove operating instructions require the use of certified pellets because the manufacturer’s guarantee may not work if the pellet used is not certified.

MOULIN BOIS ÉNERGIE was one of the first French pelletizers to obtain the EN + certification, the most demanding certification in terms of production and quality of service

Our production of wood pellets is EN + certified according to the common standard EN 14961-2

This strict certification with an annual audit, enables us to justify the production of a pellet of high-performance quality and a recognized quality of service, as well as a good supply of our incoming raw material

Our pellets are analyzed every 3 hours in our own laboratory.

The ENplus Europe standard is becoming more and more popular. It is a European label that will imply:

  • The respect of the forest PEFC or FSC
  • The quality of the pellets (this label is largely influenced by Germans who master the Din+ standard)
  • A control on site of the respect of specifications.
Diameter 6 mm + 1 mm6 mm + 1 mm
Length3,15 à 40 mm3,15 à 40 mm
Volumetric mass from 650 to 750 Kg/m3from 600 to 750 Kg/m3
Moisture content< 9 %< 10 %
Durability > 98 % > 98 %
Ash content< 0,5 %< 0,7 %
Fines content≤ 0,5 % ≤ 0,5 %
Calorific valuebetween 4.7 and 5 kwh/kg≥ 4,6 kwh/kg